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In an effort to still offer you the best prices we can. All items will be restricted to only selling what we have on hand. Until we run out and the prices can be adjusted. Our shopping cart will warn you that the full amount hasn't been added to your cart. Please see your cart to see how many we have on hand.

Rather than just raising our prices we will continue to sell most of our items at the same price until our cost goes up. Due to tariffs a large number of items we get from Milwaukee Electric Tools are going up in price as of December 1st. There was another round of increases April 1st To avoid selling you items for less then they cost us. We will be restricting orders to inventory on hand till these price increases have gone through.

** Update 4/18/19
The 3rd round of tariffs was put on hold till April. And was pushed out again. A third round may go through at some point. We will have to see how talks go.

** Update 12/12/19
We had another round of increases in September. There will be another round going thought January 1st 2020.

Please email any questions or concerns to admin@greatlakespowertools.com Also if there is an item you would like to buy more of then what we have on hand. Send and email and we will take a look at it.