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Conduflor Gloves

Conduflor in floor electrical system.

These gloves remain comfortable enough to wear all day.

Markers Milwaukee Gear
Tough job-site markers for marking almost any surface.
Milwaukee Gear to show off your Milwaukee pride. Milwaukee Electric Tools jackets, Hoodies, T-shirts, hats and more.
Milwaukee PACKOUT Job Site Radios
The Milwaukee PACKOUT rolling tool box is constructed with impact resistant polymers, an industrial grade extension handle.

Milwaukee offeres some a great M12 and M18 Radio. Perfect for those job sites with no place to plug in.

Lights Cameras
LED and Xenon incandescent bulbs. Light weight products built to last for your light needs.
Inspection cameras/multimedia cameras allow you to see in those tight spaces or whats being that will. These tools are built for the job.
Vacuums Safety Equipment
Vacuums great for job site clean up. Check out our battery powered vacuums to clean in those hard to get to locations.
Safety equipment is a growing need. We are increasing our inventory all the time.
Hoist & Slings
Check out our extensive list of slings and hoists for your lifting needs. We carry both electrical and lever hoists.