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Cordless Power Tools

Milwaukee Cordless Tools

We offer a variety of heavy-duty cordless solutions, so you have the right tools you need on the jobsite. The Milwaukee cordless power tool selections have been tested and engineered to provide the highest quality Cycle Life, outperforming in the most demanding conditions. Our service team is here to make sure you receive the personal service you need. We are here to help answer all your questions. Our tool selection, no matter the job, make big projects seem a lot smaller!

Come check out our great inventory of quality cordless tools. Milwaukee is the leader in battery technology.
The M18 FUEL cordless tool line offered by Milwaukee provide portability and productivity.
ONE KEY Cordless Combo Kits
First digital platform for tools and equipment.
Check out these great multi tool kits. 2 tool up to 15 tool kits!
Cordless Crimping/Stripping Cordless Cutting Tools
These quality made crimping/stripping tools are designed to help you with your toughest crimping applications.
These quality made cutting tools are designed to help you with your toughest cutting applications.
Cordless Drain Cleaning Cordless Drills
From the homeowner to professional quality drain cleaning tools.
From the homeowner to professional quality. Find the one that works best for you.
Cordless Grinders Cordless Impact Drivers
Cordless grinders designed to help you get your surface prep, cutting or grinding jobs done just about anywhere.
A variety of cordless impact drivers to chose from with the strength and power you need to get even the toughest jobs done. Tighten and loosen your fasteners with no need to limit yourself with a cord.
Cordless Impact Wrenches Cordless Knockouts
Cordless impact wrenches with a variety of drives from 3/8" - 3/4". Use your impact rated sockets with these powerful yet long running impact wrenches.

These Heavy-Duty knockouts are designed to punch holes in sheet metal.

Cordless Nailers Cordless Ratchet
Designed to deliver superior comfort and control. These cordless nailers provide a great solution for those professional nailing requests.
Built with a re-enforced steel housing for superior durability and strong cranking force. These cordless ratchets are the most compact and powerful ratchets in their class.
Cordless Rotary Hammers Cordless Saws
These cordless rotary hammers offer superior run time and power at a fraction of the weight of similar larger tools. Use your SDS+ bits to put holes in masonry or concrete on any job.
From wood to plastic these versitial cordless saws will help you get your cutting jobs done right.
Cordless Screwdrivers Cordless Specialty Tools
Superior tools that offer innovative solutions for those repetitive jobs. Adjustable clutches and quick connect chucks make these screwdrivers a must have.
Installing ProPEX fittings or greasing fittings out in the field these high performance cordless tools are designed to go anywhere. Compact and versatile these tools are perfect for the fast moving job-site.
Cordless Vacuums Sub Scanner
With a washable and reusable HEPA filter for fine dust collection, these portable wet/dry vacuums are lightweight and durable. They make cleanup on the job site easy and squeeze into the tightest of workspaces.

Find out what’s underneath the surface before you do your job. These sub scanners are designed for durable yet smooth, accurate measurement.

12v Cordless Tools 18v Cordless Tools
These light weight yet powerful tools are designed for tight spaces and places.
Professional grade cordless power tools.Exceptional power and run time.
28v Cordless Tools 4V Cordless Tools

With advanced hardware and software, these full size cordless tools offer the power and performance of corded tools. Allowing for unparalleled levels of performance.

With advances in technology these smaller tools are increasingly offering more power and run time. While shrinking in size.

Cordless Batteries & Chargers Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation Cordless
Batteries and chargers for Milwaukee M4, M12, M18, M28, Red lithium, NiCad, and V series tools. Also DeWalt Batteries.

Milwaukee is the leader in cordless tools technology. With tools that rival most corded tools, check out our full selection of cordless Milwaukee tools.