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Corded Power Tools

Corded Power Tools from Great Lakes Power Tools

We offer a wide variety of high quality Milwaukee corded power tools to help finish any project. Choose from band saws, chop saws, D-handle drills, die grinders, and much more. With the most advanced technology, these tools provide sound solutions that get the job done better. No matter the trade, we ensure absolute confidence these tools will withstand the toughest jobsite conditions. Our fast, reliable shipping and continued support let you stay focused on the job at hand.

Band Files Corded Saws and Cutters

Use to sand, grind and de-burr surface finishes. The adjustable arm helps you get into those awkward tight spaces.

These heavy duty corded saws are best in the industry. Choose from a large selection of saws for your tough jobs.
Drills Electromagnetic Drill Press
With exceptional power and performance these corded drills will help you get your cutting or driving applications done fast.

For secure drilling of tough materials in remote locations. Use twist drills or annular cutters for putting holes in thick steel.

Grinders Heat Guns
Designed tough to help with your resurfacing jobs. Quality grinders you can trust.

These professional grade heat guns offer superior heating elements with a comfortable grip for extended use.

Impact Wrenches Nibblers

Corded impact wrenches with high torque and RPM’s for fast installation or loosening of bolts.

A nibbler uses a punch and die to make the cut, this is perfect for tight radius cuts into steel.

Polishers And Sanders Rotary Hammers

Polishers and sanders built with powerful motors that provide plenty of power to maintain the right speed.

Perfect for drilling holes into concrete. Also check out our rotary hammer accessories for chipping and other jobs.
Routers Screwdrivers Corded

Used to hollow out an area in a hard work space or for edge decorations. Usually wood or plastic.

From drywall to decking and framing find the right corded screwdriver for your driving applications.

Shears Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation Power Tools

A handy tool to have for metal working. Allowing you to make cuts in steel.

A leading manufacturer and marketer of professional power tools.