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Inspection cameras/multimedia cameras are the next great step in cordless technology. Being able to see in those tight spaces or whats being that will. These tools are built for the job.
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M-Spector AV M12 Multimedia Camera Kit M-Spector 360 Tool Only Milwaukee 2313-21 M-Spector 360 Kit
Milwaukee 2313-21 M-Spector 360 Kit
Our Price: $199.00
In Stock
M-Spector 360 9ft. Kit Milwaukee 2316-21 M12 M-Spector Flex 9 Ft Inspection Camera Cable Kit Milwaukee 2317-21 M12 M-SPECTOR FLEX 3 ft. Inspection Camera Cable w/ PIVOTVIEW Kit
Milwaukee 2314-21 M-Spector 360 9ft. Kit
Our Price: $229.00
In Stock
Milwaukee 48-53-0110 3 ft. Extension Cable Milwaukee 48-53-0112 M-SPECTOR 360 Scope Head Attachment Set Milwaukee 48-53-0113 M-SPECTOR 360 Pipe Guide Attachment
Milwaukee 48-53-0125 (17mm) AV 3 ft. Replacement Digital Cable Milwaukee 48-53-0130 AV 3 ft. Replacement Analog Camera Cable Milwaukee 48-53-0141 AV 3 ft. Extension Cable