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Great Lakes Power Tools | Milwaukee tool accessories
Abrasives Adapters

Find the right abrasive and adapters for your tough resurfacing job.

We cary a variety of quick release adapters, and adapters designed to give you more reach or the ability to use different bits.

Annular Arbors

These annular cutters offer fast, burr-free holes in everything from sheet metal to thick steel plate.

We carry a large selection of arbors in both standard and quick release.

Bell Hanger Bit Tips

Bell hanger bits are designed to drill through and pull wire back.

We carry a variety of bits and bit sets. Find the one that works best for you.

Brad Point Bits Cable Bits

Also know as dowelling bits. Create a clean smooth hole better then your standard twist bit.

Long and flexible cable bits are great for drilling into unreachable areas. Like the bell hanger bit contains a small hole for installers of small wire.

Chuck Keys & Holders Concrete Bits

Need a new chuck key and or holder for your Drill? Use the right size for maximum torque.

Chisels, drill bits, core bits and other tools for your demo needs.

Drill Bits Extensions
Different jobs require different drill bits. Browse through our selection and find the right one for your job.
Designed to give your bits more reach.
Flat Boring Bits Fostner Bits
Great for drilling holes fast in wood.
Designed to deliver precision flat bottom holes.
Hole Saws Multi-Tool Accessories
Need to put a hole in wood or metal. We carry a variety of hole saws.

A variety of blades, adapters and sand paper to use with your Milwaukee Multi-Tool

Nut Driver Accessories Pilot Bits
Great for installing nuts with your drill, impact or screwdriver.
Need to replace the centering bit on your hole saw?
Polishing Saw Blades
Quality accessories for your polisher.
We carry a large selection of quality sawzall, circular, jigsaw, or portaband blades. Find the right blade for the material you're cutting.
Selfeed Bits Ship Augers
Perfect for plumbers, steam fitters and insulation installers, self feed bits feed into work without pressure and provide faster boring of clean accurate holes in wood for pipes and conduit.
Auger bits with no spurs.
Sockets & Accessoires Speed Feed Self Feeding Wood Bits
Find the right sized socket for your nut and bolt jobs.
Speed Feed Self Feeding Wood Bits
Spur Augers Steel Cutters
The feed screw spurs and twist are designed to help you drill holes in wood.
Designed to cut holes in sheet metal and steel plate.
Step Bits Batteries & Chargers
An angled bit for drilling different diameter holes.
Batteries and chargers for Milwaukee M4, M12, M18, M28, Red lithium, NiCad, and V series tools. Also DeWalt Batteries.
Tool Belts & Bags Cleaning Supplies
Tool Belts and bags designed to help you with your tough jobs. Cut down on trips to your tool box with these great products.
Cleaning Supplies