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Hand Tools

Great Lakes Power Tools | Milwaukee Hand Tools
Clamps Cutting Tools

Perfect for making sure your work surface doesn't move.

A variety of hand held tools for your cutting applications.

Hammers/Pry Bars Hand Saws

A variety of hand held tools for your striking and prying.

Designed to help you get cutting jobs done in tight places. Use the right saw for the right job.

Levels/Chalk Tools Nut Drivers Hand Tools

Use these quality levels and chalk tools to help pave out your work surface.

Designed for maximum durability. These nut drivers are designed for the job site.

Pliers/Crimpers Hand Tools Screwdrivers Hand Tools
A variety of pliers and crimpers with different cutters and crimpers.

We carry sets, individual, and multi purpose. Nothing beats a quality screwdriver.

Snips Sockets

Check out our quality snips. Durable steel blades for precision cutting.

Impact duty sockets designed for extreme durability.

Staple and Nail Guns Tape Measures

Ultimate driving control for a wide variety of job site materials.

Quality Tape Measures for those precision jobs.

This unit delivers power and speed to work through tough clogs in tight traps

Use these professional grade wrenches for superior grip while fastening.